Feeling blessed…

It’s been quite awhile since I posted something personal, and if you are not on Facebook, but do follow my blog (then you must be my friend Courtney! ¬†Seriously, Court… jump on FB already! ūüėČ ) I wanted to share some of our newest family photos! ¬†Betsy King is amazing and captured the ever-loving madness that is my sweet family. ¬†My mom and aunt joined us for the evening and were wonderful at making the kids smile, grabbing a “runner”, and all kinds of other necessary things! ¬†Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Nick bought our Jeep over 10 years ago, before even Preston was around. ¬†Now we can’t even fit our whole family in the thing! ¬†But it is so much fun for the kids to go on “Jeep Rides” with daddy out to Grandpa Paul’s farm or on a quick errand during Wesley’s nap. ¬†(Because he gets MAD if he can’t go along and there is only room for 3!) ¬†Even sometimes Mommy will treat the little guys to a ride on a beautiful day while their older brother and sister are at school. ¬†I was so thrilled when Betsy went for the Jeep idea! ¬†We had so much fun taking these pictures.¬†

Wesley thought honking the Jeep horn was the best thing ever!  It got lots of smiles from him (and the rest of us too).  His giggle is just perfection.

I will love these photos forever because they capture my kids’ personalities so perfectly.

If you’d like to see more of our session, you can check out the slide show in Betsy’s original blog post. ¬†Her husband John wrote the music and I can’t get through it without tears. ¬†I love my family so much!

Another exciting thing going on my life is an upcoming trip! ¬†I’m off to New York City this Sunday to spend three days learning from fashion photographer, Lara Jade¬†at a Creative LIVE workshop. ¬†I have watched many of their courses online before and am beyond excited to experience one live and up close. ¬† It is a dream to shoot fashion and commercial photography one day and I cannot believe I have been given an opportunity to learn how to make it happen!

I will definitely be chronicling my travels on Instagram (@jillsloffer) and Twitter (@jillsloffer) and Facebook too, if you’re curious about my adventures in the big city! I’ll also blog them here too… you know, for Courtney.

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  1. Your family is adorable Jill…loved your photo shoot! And Creative Live?! That’s amazing! So excited for you. :)

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