A Sad Goodbye…

SCAN0030If you’ve met me in the past couple of years and never been to my house, or only know me through social media, you may not know about these guys.

On Monday, my family said good-bye to our two dogs, Milo and Murray.  Both rescues, both black and white, and both only about 12 pounds, they were the first additions to our family.  The second year we were married, Nick and I found out from a professor at Purdue about a puppy who needed a home, so we welcomed a 3-month old Rat Terrier into our lives. When we moved into our first home in Fort Wayne, we went to the shelter to find a friend for Milo and there was Murray, a stray little mutt with the worst hair cut ever!

Unfortunately, 12 years later, Milo and Murray’s declining health forced us to make one of our hardest decisions ever.  It was awful and truly one of the most heart-wrenching experiences of my life.


If I’d had a blog back then, they would have been all over it, I promise.  I have scrapbooks with pages dedicated to M& M to prove it.  I loved these pups so much, but like many families, once babies came (the not-so-furry kind), my attention, and camera lens, shifted focus.  I’m saddened by how very few photos I have with both my kids AND my dogs, but when I stop and think about how wrangling children and dogs for a photo is crazy-hard work and I understand why there are so few photos.


Milo and Murray were an important part of our family, welcoming us home with their barks and snuggling in the crooks of our arms or legs when it was time to sleep.  It didn’t matter how many dog beds I bought, neither one was interested.  So we finally just got a bigger bed, which these last couple of nights has felt eerily empty.  They’ve been in my life for so long, the house feels empty and strange without them and it hurts, even more than I thought it would.

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The kids are doing okay with it.  Bedtime has been really hard for everyone.  We had a little memorial service for the pups on Monday and buried them in our backyard.  Maura would like to plant a flower garden there and I love the idea.  We all shared our favorite memories of Milo and Murray.  Calum said he liked it when they licked the spilled food off of his shirt and pants, which made us all giggle.  It’s those little things that make me happy, but also sad throughout the day– Wesley’s dropped pasta left on the floor after dinner last night was yet another reminder of Milo and Murray’s absence.



Thanks for taking the time to read about my family’s loss of these sweet little pups.  I’m not really a “dog-lover,” but I really did love my dogs and it’s been hard to say good-bye.


6 Responses to A Sad Goodbye…

  1. Patti Smith says:

    Jill, this is so beautifully written. Your love for Milo and Murray comes through so clearly from your words. What a wonderful tribute to them both. Thinking of you, Nick and the children during this time of grieving. <3

    • Dianna Gochenaur says:

      I saw on FB where you had to say good-bye to your furry best friends. Dogs complete a home and love you unconditionally. I’m sorry for you loss and sad hearts. So neat that you had a little memorial service with your kiddos. Jack & I put two our dear doggie friends down together as well in Wisc. One of the longest hardest days ever. And you’re so right about the hole they leave in the house after they’re gone. However the memories will be forever. Love you all, Mrs.”G”

      • Jill Sloffer says:

        Thank you, Mrs. G! I remember PT and Scooter very well– they’ll always be in my memories as part of the Gochenaur family!

    • Jill Sloffer says:

      Thank you so much, Aunt Patti. <3

  2. Aunt Kim says:

    <3 my heart aches for all of you. Pets are so very special. Unconditional LOVE.

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