Morgan | Class of 2015

It seems like I’ve known Morgan for forever and I was thrilled to have the chance to take her senior photos. She has been a favorite babysitter at the Sloffer house for a few years now, plus she’s an incredibly talented dancer and absolute sweetheart.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our time together…












Megan | Class of 2015

Yet another fall season is zooming past and last year I was the worst at blogging my sessions (shame on me) and I vowed to be better this year. “Blogging” is always last on my to do list, well, not last-last, but it’s down there with “put away laundry” and “exercise,” so yeah, it just doesn’t happen as often as it should, you know?

I’ve had an incredible autumn filled with senior and family sessions and I am excited to share more. Tonight I’m sharing Megan’s senior photos.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen that Megan is my next door neighbor and one of my kids’s all-time favorite people. Megan was in 2nd grade when my family moved in next door and she has been coming over to play with my kids, and eventually babysit them, since Preston and Maura were just itty-bitty.

But now she’s a senior in high school and it was time for some photos of this beautiful gal and I was thrilled to be the one to take them!

If you don’t know Megan, I will tell you that she is incredibly sweet, kind, polite, and absolutely hilarious. I feel very blessed that she is the one who has been setting an example for my kids as they have grown up with her and looked up to her. Okay, I’m getting all mushy and sappy, so on to the photos before I start blubbering at my computer!









Everybody say, “MEGAN!” :) Megan_49

Fall Mini Sessions

It’s starting to feel like fall here in Fort Wayne and I’m excited to announce two evenings of mini sessions!

Sessions are booked on a first-come (via email), first-served basis, so please don’t wait to contact me!

Fall Promo Blog Revision 4

Sarah | Class of 2015

On a steamy, mosquito-filled evening a few weeks back, Sarah and I met up for her senior portrait session. Even with a can of “Off” in my camera bag, I was itching for days after our shoot, but I can honestly say it was worth every mosquito and chigger bite, every nettle that stung me in the foot. Not only is Sarah beautiful, but she was a natural in front of the camera. Check out some of her session…














I hope school is off to a great start, Sarah! Enjoy your senior year!

The Plattner Family | Red Thread Session

I’m delighted to be back blogging and sharing some photos from my heart-filling session with the Plattners. This wonderful family just added a long-awaited 6th member– sweet little Soliana. We spent a beautiful Indiana summer evening together, sharing lots of giggles, saying, “hello” to some goats, and even singing a little “Let it Go.”









Blog 1




For more information on the Red Thread Sessions organization, to volunteer, or find an RTS photographer in your area , click here.

The Mueller Family

I don’t think I need to explain that I did not take these photos recently 😉 , but I have wanted to share them for quite some time now.  I was honored to take them for a couple of reasons.

One reason is because Regan is one of my dearest friends.  We lived on the same floor our freshman year at University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and our bond was instant.  I could go on and on about how much I love this girl and all the adventures we’ve had together.  She stood by my side at my wedding and made sure that the day went according to plan (and that I didn’t freak out!).  We traveled to London together with a group of friends and experienced one crazy week with creepy Hostel roommates, terrifying taxi drivers, and riding the bus to the end of the line in search of Abbey Road.  She’s walked side by side with me (via the phone and email) as we’ve become mothers to four babies each, and I’m so grateful to call her my friend.

The other reason I said, “Yes, of course!!” to Regan’s request for a session is that Regan and her family have begun an exciting adventure of their very own!  After many years of feeling God’s call on their lives and praying for His guidance, Derek and Regan have started a church in LaCrosse, WI.  You can read all about the LaCrosse Area Church Plant here and, if you feel led, support their ministry to spread Christ’s love.  I had so much fun spending a beautiful summer evening with the Muellers and then working with Regan to design prayer cards and magnets to send out to those who are supporting the LaCrosse Area Church Plant.

What was I saying about not going on and on?  Okay, enough talking!  Time for pictures!















So much love to you, Regan, Derek, and family!  Praying for you to touch the lives of many in LaCrosse!

A Sad Goodbye…

SCAN0030If you’ve met me in the past couple of years and never been to my house, or only know me through social media, you may not know about these guys.

On Monday, my family said good-bye to our two dogs, Milo and Murray.  Both rescues, both black and white, and both only about 12 pounds, they were the first additions to our family.  The second year we were married, Nick and I found out from a professor at Purdue about a puppy who needed a home, so we welcomed a 3-month old Rat Terrier into our lives. When we moved into our first home in Fort Wayne, we went to the shelter to find a friend for Milo and there was Murray, a stray little mutt with the worst hair cut ever!

Unfortunately, 12 years later, Milo and Murray’s declining health forced us to make one of our hardest decisions ever.  It was awful and truly one of the most heart-wrenching experiences of my life.


If I’d had a blog back then, they would have been all over it, I promise.  I have scrapbooks with pages dedicated to M& M to prove it.  I loved these pups so much, but like many families, once babies came (the not-so-furry kind), my attention, and camera lens, shifted focus.  I’m saddened by how very few photos I have with both my kids AND my dogs, but when I stop and think about how wrangling children and dogs for a photo is crazy-hard work and I understand why there are so few photos.


Milo and Murray were an important part of our family, welcoming us home with their barks and snuggling in the crooks of our arms or legs when it was time to sleep.  It didn’t matter how many dog beds I bought, neither one was interested.  So we finally just got a bigger bed, which these last couple of nights has felt eerily empty.  They’ve been in my life for so long, the house feels empty and strange without them and it hurts, even more than I thought it would.

2013-10-28 07.14.16-1

The kids are doing okay with it.  Bedtime has been really hard for everyone.  We had a little memorial service for the pups on Monday and buried them in our backyard.  Maura would like to plant a flower garden there and I love the idea.  We all shared our favorite memories of Milo and Murray.  Calum said he liked it when they licked the spilled food off of his shirt and pants, which made us all giggle.  It’s those little things that make me happy, but also sad throughout the day– Wesley’s dropped pasta left on the floor after dinner last night was yet another reminder of Milo and Murray’s absence.



Thanks for taking the time to read about my family’s loss of these sweet little pups.  I’m not really a “dog-lover,” but I really did love my dogs and it’s been hard to say good-bye.


Brett | North Side High School Class of 2014

I thought I’d take a minute on this beautiful fall afternoon to share a few photos from a recent senior grad session.  Plus, I wanted to make sure you all knew I was still around, even though my blog would suggest otherwise!

Brett was a great guy to work with (and a good-looking one, to boot).  High fives if you can name the actor he reminds me of!  I can’t NOT see it…

We had a great time taking photos around downtown Fort Wayne and then headed to his high school’s baseball field for a few photos, which turned out to be some of my favorites!








Brett_34p.s.  Josh Lucas, right?  From Sweet Home Alabama (but with dark hair)… It’s totally him.


The End of Another Summer…

Our summertime fun is coming to an end around here and we’re trying to squeeze in as many last hurrahs as we can before school begins for the “big kids.”  We’ve been making time for one last trip to the zoo or Zesto’s and making the most of each moment.

My hope for this summer was for it to last as long as possible, so I tried not to jam-pack our schedule.  For the most part, the kids had a classic summer– they played with neighborhood friends, Cal learned to ride a two-wheeler, Preston and Maura went to summer camp, they played baseball, lob ball  & t-ball, and they took lots of bike rides and Jeep rides with Nick.

On a couple of gorgeous evenings I broke out my camera (not my camera phone 😉 ) and I thought I’d share!

Preston played soccer at a local club twice a week to prepare for the fall season.  He got to play against his cousins at this game, which made it extra fun!  These boys are best buds and growing up SO fast!



Maura turned 8 in July.  I love this girl so much.  I think she’s the perfect mix of sweet and sassy.


Calum is my most outgoing child.  He wants to be everyone’s friend and loves to talk (which is why in most photos he looks like this.)  Wesley has kept me BUSY this summer!  “Outside!”  “Ride bike!”  “I go zoo!”  “I play cars!”  

IMG_0938 copy

This photo might illustrate our summer at times…


But I think I will remember it more like this…


Hope your summer has been full of good memories too!

Author Marci Jefferson | Guest Post & Giveaway

I have loved taking head shots of my friend & talented author Marci Jefferson and today is a VERY exciting day for her (& for all of us who love her)!

guest post 1

Marci is having a giveaway over on her blog to celebrate the cover reveal of her novel Girl on The Golden Coin: A Novel of Frances Stuart.

Here it is…

girl on the golden coin

Isn’t it gorgeous?!  Eeeek!  I’m so thrilled for my friend’s success!  She has worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality.  Plus, I’m a teensy bit excited for myself because Marci gets to use a headshot that I took of her on her dust jacket!   How fun is that?!  I don’t know which one will be chosen, so make sure to order one of her books and find out!  I’ve put links at the bottom of this post.  But first, more about her awesome book (& giveaway!) straight from the author herself.


My first novel is about Frances Stuart, who rejected three kings and graced England’s coins for generations as the model for Britannia. The book will release February 11, 2014 from Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin’s Press. But pre-order this week AND comment on my blog for a chance to win a pair of sterling-silver pearl-drop earrings like the ones Frances wears on this elegant cover (be prepared to present your receipt).


Impoverished and exiled to the French countryside after the overthrow of the English Crown, Frances Stuart survives merely by her blood-relation to the Stuart Royals. But in 1660, the Restoration of Stuart Monarchy in England returns her family to favor. Frances discards threadbare gowns and springs to gilded Fontainebleau Palace, where she soon catches King Louis XIV’s eye. But Frances is no ordinary court beauty, she has Stuart secrets to keep and people to protect. The king turns vengeful when she rejects his offer to become his Official Mistress. He banishes her to England with orders to seduce King Charles II and stop a war.

Armed in pearls and silk, Frances maneuvers through the political turbulence of Whitehall Palace, but still can’t afford to stir a scandal. Her tactic to inspire King Charles to greatness captivates him. He believes her love can make him an honest man and even chooses Frances to pose as Britannia for England’s coins. Frances survives the Great Fire, the Great Plague, and the debauchery of the Restoration Court, yet loses her heart to the very king she must control. Until she is forced to choose between love or war.

On the eve of England’s Glorious Revolution, James II forces Frances to decide whether to remain loyal to her Stuart heritage or, like England, make her stand for Liberty. Her portrait as Britannia is minted on every copper coin. There she remains for generations, an enduring symbol of Britain’s independent spirit and her own struggle for freedom.


“In her wonderfully evocative debut, Girl on the Golden Coin, Marci Jefferson recreates the fascinating story of Frances Stuart, whose influence over England’s Charles II became the talk of a nation. As vibrant and delightful as the woman it’s based on, Girl on the Golden Coin is a jewel of a novel!”

—Michelle Moran, New York Times bestselling author of The Second Empress and Madame Tussaud


“Beauty is not always a blessing, as young Frances Stuart finds out when her lovely face pits her between the desires and politics of rival kings Louis XIV and Charles II. Frances makes an appealing heroine, by turns wary and passionate, sophisticated and innocent, as she matures from destitute young pawn to the majestic duchess whose figure would grace Britain’s coins for centuries. Her struggles to support her loved ones, uncover her family secrets, and somehow find a life of her own amid the snake-pit courts of the Sun King and the Merry Monarch make for lively, entertaining reading in this lush Restoration novel by debut author Marci Jefferson.”

—Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author of Mistress of Rome


Girl on the Golden Coin is a fantastic novel. I couldn’t put it down. The plot is fast-paced and compelling, with intriguing characters, lush settings and captivating narrative voice. Jefferson’s debut paints an intriguing portrait of Frances Stuart, a novel worthy of the determined, golden spirit of the woman whose face became the model for Britannia herself.”

—Susan Spann, author of Claws of the Cat


“Girl on the Golden Coin is a sexy, exciting tale featuring vivid characters, rich historical detail, scintillating court intrigue, and a complexly rendered heroine in Frances Stuart, Maid of Honor to the Queen of England, who will capture the reader’s heart — as will the man she loves, that rascal King Charles II.”

— Sherry Jones, author, FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS



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